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About Me

You could say my enjoyment of theatrics started when I created goofy characters with my Nana, attended plays with my Grandma, or the many reenactments of movie scenes and stand-up bits for my parents. But to me it feels like creativity has always been part of my life. It still guides me daily; whether in the booth, digitally designing websites and other marketing collateral, or when crocheting anything that I think looks cool; from rainbow can koozies to plush strawberry pillows.

I approach each project with a blend of collaboration and trust, honoring my clients’ visions. As your remote voice actor, I ensure clear communication and strive to understand your ideas and goals. Ultimately, my aim is to deliver a final voiceover that aligns with your aspirations while being receptive, professional, and enjoyable to work with.


My voice can be described as; warm, informative, confident, sultry, girl next door, heroic, sarcastic, strong, and professional.


My singing voice is in the mezzo range,  with a preference for musicals, soft pop, and classic rock genres.

Accents & Dialects

Standard American, British Received Pronunciation, Boston (Southie), Southern (multiple regions), French, and Russian.


RØDE NT-1 Microphone    • Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface
• Audobe Audition   • Various Editing Plugins

Education & Training

My Professional Background

Learn more about my education and training, where I have developed and honed my skills.


Northern Illinois University

Driven by my love for performance, I pursued a specialized acting program at Northern Illinois University, where I graduated with a BFA in Acting. My education primarily focused on the Meisner method, complemented by voice training that emphasized the Fitzmaurice method, the International Phonetic Alphabet, and dialects. Additionally, I participated in various movement training classes, including a ballet class—which I surprisingly enjoyed!

Moscow Art Theatre School

During my junior year in college, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad at the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia. There, I dove into the world of the Stanislavski method and Droznin movement techniques. I also got hands-on learning with fencing, stage combat, and singing. And it was here that I received a certification for on-stage fencing. I saw many fantastic performances and history too- it was an unforgettable experience!

Additional Training

Voice Acting

I’ve expanded my voice acting expertise through numerous online classes led by industry professionals. These sessions have provided invaluable firsthand insights from agents, audio engineers, casting representatives, voice acting directors, and seasoned voice actors. Their vast amount of industry experience and knowledge has offered me a deep understanding of the voice acting landscape as a whole, in addition to various specialized skills and tips.

Audio Engineering

Venturing into audio engineering was like diving into the deep end. My first real experience involved grappling to meet the ACX standards for my debut audiobook. An approach I would not recommend!

Since then, I’ve embarked on a continuous learning journey with courses to deepen my understanding of audio engineering. This journey included mastering the basics, engaging in hands-on applications, optimizing my recording space for the best possible recordings, and uncovering the capabilities and operations of my digital audio workstation (DAW). Through these efforts, I’ve developed an effective editing chain, enabling me to deliver a professional-sounding final product to my clients.


Before jetting off on my semester abroad, I laid the groundwork of my singing skills with two years of private vocal study under Stephanie Myre (affiliated with the National Association of Teachers of Singing). Since then, I’ve recently completed a course of lessons with Alex Charles Music. My lessons with Alex not only broadened my horizons into different genres but also equipped me with new and refined skills.

For me, singing lessons are about more than just hitting the right notes – they’re about experimenting with new sounds, delving deeper into my vocal range, and pushing the boundaries of what I thought possible.

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