Hi, I’m Madison and I’m a Voice Actor.

I thrive on the effect voices create. Transporting listeners, evoking emotions, crafting amazing experiences – it’s so cool, and I love doing it!

Let’s work together to find the perfect approach for your vision and take your project to the next level.

About Me

Behind the Mic

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my site—I’m thrilled you’re here. I’m a dedicated voice actor, passionate about creating dynamic experiences through my voice. With years of experience, I deliver top-notch voiceovers tailored to your project.

When not behind the mic, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, traveling, and indulging in cozy hobbies like reading, cuddling my two cats, and crocheting. Fun fact: I’ve also officiated three weddings using my vocal training!

My Services

Getting Started

Explore the diverse range of voiceover services I provide, spanning from commercials to audiobooks. I’m here to help ensure your project receives the attention it deserves.


Increase sales or awareness with voice overs aligned to convey your brand’s message.


From quirky personalities to dramatic heroes, infuse your characters with authenticity and flair.

Video Games

Level up gameplay with voice acting to add depth and engagement to the player’s experience.


Guide listeners through various content; from clear delivery of complex topics to calm meditations.


Immerse readers in your book’s world with compelling narration, bringing the story to life.

Audio Editing

Delivering results compliant with ACX standards, video games, other required specifications.


What My Clients & Colleagues Say

Fast Turnaround


Easy to Work With

Wonderful! Took notes efficiency and happily. Fast turn around and wonderful to work with!

Chris Sandoval

Madison’s professionalism and attention to detail are truly exceptional. Having collaborated with her both as a colleague and in various business transactions, I can confidently say that she is someone you can always rely on. Madison consistently delivers high-quality work and excels as a collaborative partner, effortlessly working towards shared project goals and turning your vision into reality. Her genuine care for her clients, combined with her passion and dedication, is evident not only in the superior quality of her equipment and studio but also in her work as a voice artist and businesswoman. If you’re seeking someone who is competitive in the field but is also a kind and hardworking professional, I wholeheartedly recommend Madison Bishop. “

Corinne Gahan

I highly recommend Madison for any professional voice-over project. She was easy to work with, had a quick turnaround time, and delivered exactly what we needed. Her creative input improved our project, and we are eager to collaborate with her again. “


My Recording Space

Delivering Quality Audio Remotely

 Well-Treated Space

Crystal-clear audio captured under ideal recording conditions, to provide a professional sound for every project.

Low Ambient Noise

With an average dB of -62dB, my space  effectively filters out noise, delivering audio quality engineers love.

Supports High Fidelity Devices

An effective recording set-up that effortlessly accommodates devices to further improve audio quality seamlessly.

Tour My Home Studio


Let’s Connect

Need a voice actor for a project or have questions? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you soon!